The Classic Lake Weed Removal: Always Effective, Always Guaranteed

Crafting pristine waterfronts and rooting out weeds since 2003


Make those sunsets a little better

With the help of a weed-free lakefront

Solve Your Lakeshore Weed Problem the Natural Way

If you’ve stopped enjoying your waterfront because it’s choked with weeds, you’re not alone. Invasive species are clogging up our lakefronts and there are limited ways to get rid of them. At Waterfront Restoration, we use an innovative solution. Our certified and experienced dive technicians spend just a few hours pulling weeds out by the root. Mechanical harvesters only cut off the top few feet of aquatic weeds and chemicals limit how much you can enjoy the water and still feel safe. We get to the root of the problem and clear out all weeds, so you can swim, boat and play all summer long.


3 Steps to a Cleaner Lakefront

We come out to evaluate your weed removal needs. We’ll discuss what it will take to restore your lakeshore back to pristine condition and give you a free estimate.

We Pull Your Weeds
Out by the Root

We send in a team of experienced divers to uproot all of your aquatic weeds and dispose of them offsite.

You Enjoy a
Clean Lakeshore

With our meticulous and natural removal of aquatic weeds, you get a restored shoreline that you can enjoy all summer.