“You want your waterfront to be clean and weed-free so that you and your family can enjoy the water all summer, but you don’t want to resort to chemicals or mechanical cutting. These barely skim the surface of your weed problem. I founded Waterfront Restoration in 2003 to give lake residents a more effective and eco-friendly solution to rooting out lakeshore weeds.”

-Tom Suerth, CEO and founder of Waterfront Restoration, LLC

Tom Suerth, CEO and founder of Waterfront Restoration, LLC

I started Waterfront Restoration LLC while I was still in high school and at the time, I saw how invasive species like Eurasian watermilfoil were taking over our lakes. As an avid diver, I wondered if I could pull weeds out by hand, since chemicals and mechanical harvesting were the only other options offered to lakeshore residents. With a small team of divers that first summer, I proved that this was a solution that could work. We pull out the weeds and remove them from your waterfront, and you get a long-lasting clean lakeshore without the use of chemicals.

Over the years we have expanded our services and service area. Our experienced and certified divers identify and clear out all invasive weeds. We can even chisel out zebra mussels and clean up your irrigation pipes. We have worked with local fire departments to clear out zebra mussels from intake pipes and with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District to work on pilot projects for invasive species removal.

Why Our Customers Love Us

I can’t tell you how nice it is to enjoy a weed-free Lake Minnetonka experience. Thanks again for providing us with such a great service!

Michael J.

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