Our Services

Natural Aquatic Weed Removal

Get a clean, weed-free shoreline without the use of chemicals. After a free initial consultation, we send in an experienced team of divers to root out your aquatic weeds one by one. We then dispose of the weeds offsite. We can also provide you with a regular floating weed cleanup, using nets and rakes to get all the weeds from the surface of the lake. Doing this weekly helps to maintain your weed-free zone. We also offer intermittent, on-call floating weed removal.

Zebra Mussel Removal

This invasive species has made its way into Minnesota’s inland lakes in recent years. The small mussels attach to any hard surface, including docks, boats, rocks, and irrigation pipes, causing damage and clogs. The razor-sharp shells also make swimming hazardous. We remove these invaders by physically prying them from all surfaces to which they have attached, including the insides of irrigation pipes.

Dangerous Object Cleanup

To enjoy your newly weed-free beach, we suggest that you also let us scour the bottom of the lake for any dangerous objects. Garbage and even natural objects pose a hazard to recreational lake users. Our divers will thoroughly search for and remove items like bottles, pieces of glass, cans, sticks, sharp rocks, and anything else that could hurt a swimmer.

Watercraft Inspections

Worried about the future of your lake? To help protect Minnesota’s waterways we now offer certified watercraft inspection services. Our trained and certified inspectors will check all watercraft entering a lake and either deny access or decontaminate the craft. Our inspectors could be just what your lake association needs to prevent future contamination by invasive zebra and quagga mussels.

Before & After

Below are prime examples of the transformational process that can take place on your lakeshore.

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