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What Our Clients Say:

“Since those first days, the team has been back every year making sure we have a beautifully clean beach area. We wouldn’t think of starting a summer of water activities without Waterfront Restoration’s schedule on our calendar! We and our grandchildren, ages 2 to 12, love jumping off the dock into completely weed-free water!!!!!!”
Sue S, Lake Minnetonka

“I was very impressed by how well the team removed the weeds from the lakefront. I did mention that initially, it was not as well done as I would have liked and within the week the team arrived a second time to get it done perfectly.”
Adam P, Crystal Lake

“We have used Waterfront Restoration Services for many years on our lake and have been very pleased with their work. They are very professional and keep me, as the customer, fully informed as to their arrival and departure and the condition of our lakefront as they found it. They follow up if for any reason you are not satisfied with their work. They couldn’t be more customer-oriented. We would recommend their waterfront service to anyone!”
Gordon S, Christmas Lake

“Summer is short in MN. Using Waterfront Restoration has increased our relaxation this summer. Also, they were on time, super hardworking and available when needed for questions. I recommend them without hesitation.”
Lucia P, Schmidt Lake

“We’ve been a customer of Waterfront Restoration for 4 years now. These guys are great to work with. Their work is fantastic and thorough. Their employees are prompt and professional in all aspects. After every site visit they follow up to see if we have any questions or concerns. Having weed-free areas for our grandchildren to swim in has made our experience on the lake much more enjoyable. Thanks to Waterfront Restoration for making this possible!”
Bryan F, Prior Lake

“Waterfront Restoration always does what they say they are going to do – and follows up with quality inspections and emails/phone calls to be sure you’re satisfied.”
Bill M, Upper Lake Minnetonka

“Everything is great. We love that Waterfront Restoration accommodates our specific needs. They are a special company.”
Sandy H, Lake Minnetonka, Smithtown Bay

“The crew did a very good job on the previous visit; they were professional, thorough, and friendly, and they entertained a couple of young kids who were visiting our neighbor at the time.”
Mike L, Lake Minnetonka, North Arm Bay

“The crew did an outstanding job! Beach looks great and we appreciated Waterfront Restoration’s rapid response to our call for weed removal.”
Jim R, Lake Minnetonka, Gray’s Bay

“I can’t tell you how nice it is to enjoy a weed-free Lake Minnetonka experience. Thanks again for providing us with such a great service!”
Michael J, Smithtown Bay, Lake Minnetonka

“We loved the work that your team did. After fighting with the chemical solution with very limited results, it was nice to see instant results – without having to pour chemicals in our bay. I have never been this weed-free in years.”
Dan M, Maxwell Bay, Lake Minnetonka

“I have tried other SCUBA companies in the past that provide a similar type of service. I will not stray again. Waterfront Restoration does the BEST job and their experience stands out in their quality, professionalism, and efficiency. I have no problem paying for high quality service and Waterfront Restoration provides that for me. I will be recommending them to our neighbors.”
Dayna B, Saint Albans, Lake Minnetonka

“We live on a lake in the north metro and because of bad backs and time etc… could not keep up with raking and collecting lake weeds. I contacted Waterfront Restoration and I have been beyond pleased with their service. You can use them weekly, every other week or individual cleanups. Their crews are super hardworking, bag everything, and leave the shore pristine. They also are very professional about your instructions and complying with the DNR regulations. We went with regular visits and so signed a contract for the summer. Their invoices are easy to understand and break down labor and per bag costs. It’s made a huge difference for us this summer. Is it inexpensive? No. But it has been a lifesaver and again, I recommend them highly.”
YELP Review

“The entire team — from Melanie who did the initial estimate, to the great guys who did the cleanup — were friendly, thorough and professional. Thanks everyone!!”
Joe G, Lake Cornelia

“Waterfront Restoration did a really nice job. The weeds were thoroughly removed and the guys did a great job cleaning up.
Thank you!”
Tess D, Lake Johanna

“Waterfront Restoration did a fantastic job! We could not be happier with the service, the great job the divers did, and the professionalism of everyone at WR. My wife commented this morning how great our dock area looked as compared to some of our neighbors. We will definitely be booking you guys for next summer. Thanks!”
Gary N, Gideon Bay, Lake Minnetonka

“The team went above my expectation.
Natalie R, Lake Minnetonka, Harrison Bay

“I happened to be by the lake when the young men came to take care of the weeds. They were extremely polite and friendly, even asked if there was anything else they could do for me. Very Classy”
Dale D, Lake Bavaria

“The crews were always friendly and responsive, cannot say enough about the people you have been able to hire in the summer to do this work. I would be remiss if I didn’t also note that Derek has been great to work with, could not be happier with working out the service needed, timing, responsiveness to call, etc.”
Jerry V, Lake Owasso

“I have used Waterfront Restoration for 10 years and I love it your teams are polite, thorough and efficient.”
Cathy S, Lake Minnetonka, Crystal Bay

“Great service have tried other methods of week control but none of them were as effective as having them pulled by you.”
Ryan S, Prior Lake

“Many homeowners that are plagued with lakeshore weeds are frustrated and exhausted trying to keep their area clean. Waterfront Restoration provides an excellent option that can assist homeowners is cleaning up their shoreline AND removing the mess. The crews are all hardworking and work the entire duration of each service.”
Jill N, Lake Minnetonka, St Albans Bay

“Overall Waterfront Restoration does a great job.” 
Paul R

“It is great being weed free. Our family is back in the water!”
Dan M

“I am very pleased how clean that Waterfront has kept our swimming area and shoreline. They are timely and expeditious in their cleanup efforts. We use the lake much more than we would without their services.”
Brent B, Lake Minnetonka, South Upper Lake

“I was very pleased how fast they were able to come to our house. The divers were very knowledgeable of what needed to be done to fit our needs. Great job.”
John B

“We have been pleased with the people performing the service. They have been responsive and on time.”
Bob K, Lake Como

“This is a great group of guys who provide great customer service and are very polite and professional whenever they have been here. Overall the administration and organization are highly recommended to anyone with weed problems.”
Diane M, Lake Minnetonka, Carson’s Bay

“I liked what was said would be done, was done. Hardworking guys did an amazing job. I also like the continuation of a plan of our choosing.”
Mary, F, Lake Minnetonka, Gideon Bay

“We absolutely love the improvement of our swimming area. Our grandchildren are not afraid to swim because the weeds are not tickling their legs. As we motor around our neighboring shorelines our swimming area and lakefront area by far is the best!” 
Deb S, Prior Lake

“We’ve been very happy to have found an alternative to chemically treating our storm ponds. We’d always receive negative feedback when we did, but we felt there was no other option to protect the stormwater pumps. Physical removal has proven to be just as effective and far more environmentally friendly.”
Josh D

“We are new to Waterfront Restoration’s service and have nothing but good things to say regarding the employees, efficiency, and service. The divers have gone above and beyond the expectations of service, could not be more polite, and have done an excellent job.” 
Charles V, Lake Independence

“Overall the results were excellent. They did what they said they would do and a bit more.”
Jim E, Echo Bay, Lake Minnetonka

“I was very happy with the job done by the team that came to my house. I would use them again. They were polite and efficient.”
Regina H

“Our lake is very shallow and sometimes hard to know what is going on. Waterfront Restoration was great. They definitely delivered the services we contracted. They were very professional and I would use them again.”
Susan F, Lost Lake

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