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Zebra Mussels:


Zebra mussels present a serious risk for homeowners or commercial properties utilizing irrigation systems that source water from the lake. With populations now reaching higher than 20,000 zebra mussels per square meter in some Minnesota Lakes, it is imperative to regularly inspect and clean irrigation intakes to avoid clogging and permanent damage to your system.

Zebra mussels are small fingernail-sized animals that attach to
solid surfaces in water. These mussels have sharp shells that can
cause cuts and scrapes when attaching to swim rafts and ladders

The shells of this invasive species accumulate on the lake bottom, swim platforms, ladders, and even on the stalks of lake weeds. The shell edges are razor sharp and cut through the skin.

All of these issues can be resolved! Please contact us here for a free consultation!, or call us at 952-356-0614

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Not only do zebra mussels have an impact on your family's recreation, but also on your property values and on our state's valuable water resources.

To learn more about how to prevent the spread of zebra mussels please visit:
Department of Natural Resources - Zebra Mussel Information

Zebra Mussel Videos:

This zebra mussel buildup of up to 16" in some areas occured in a short period of time despite high volume flow through these commercial irrigation intakes. Experienced technicians were able to restore to zebra-mussel free condition in a matter of hours. These cost effective restoration techniques help to avoid permanent damage to downline pipes, and prevent increased costs associated with accelerated aging of your irrigation system.


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