3 Simple Steps to Easily Maintain Your Lakefront

To maintain your shoreline and dock area and ensure weed-free memories, here are some easy steps you can take:

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1: Manage plant growth throughout the year

Throughout the entire summer, it is important to upkeep the vegetation and debris that wash up along your lakefront. Obviously, this is the easiest way to ensure that your lakefront will be inviting and not daunting for those who want to enjoy the water.

Especially using hand-held tools, such as a rake, or your own human power are simple ways to make a huge impact. Next, it is essential for the state of your lakefront that you dispose of those weeds out of the water as you do not want to create the potential for muck.


2: Keep an eye on your muck

Plenty of lakefronts experience a buildup of nasty lake muck when waste, such as weeds or leaves, finds its way to the bottom of your lake. Furthermore, by spreading enzymes into the water, you can restore your lakefront back to picturesque.

These muck pellets are built up of enzymes that eat away at your muck and eventually will reduce the amount in a specific area. Unfortunately, it is not certain to say the type of results that will be seen since it varies between lakeshores.


3:  Consider aeration

Additionally, aeration devices, known as blowers, are a simple way to maintain the beauty of the water’s surface.

A blower is a motored device that uses water and air circulation to reduce debris, like floating weeds, near your lakefront. Importantly, these devices do not require a permit and are incredibly effective. 

With many different types of blowers, it is easy to cater to your specific needs. Discover what type of blower is best for you here

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Most importantly, the most effective way to ensure a beautiful lakefront is our by-the-root weed removal. This can help decrease the amount of floating weeds on your shoreline and muck buildup.

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