Challenges That May Impact Your Lake Weed Removal Service

Too often, our client’s might be heard asking “what is the cost of your lake weed removal service” or “can you give me a ballpark figure?” Without a basic understanding your project, it’s a little like asking how much a new house is going to cost without first defining the size, materials, and other features of the home. It is almost impossible to provide an accurate quote on the spot especially for a service with as many variable factors as building a new house from scratch. The same thing goes for our lake weed removal services.

Establishing your Vision

Vision of a dock and scuba divers on Lake Minnetonka.When you think about it, everyone’s lakefront is different. Even people’s objectives for their lakefront differs. So, before we quote a price, help us by considering the following questions:

  • How many feet of lakeshore do I own?
  • What activities will my family and I use the lake for?
  • What is the overall vision for my lakeshore?
  • Inform us if you have performed any sort lake weed removal before?
  • Check your calendar. Do you have any special events planned this season? If so, please let us know any dates or details.

Responses to these questions are going to differ for each lake homeowner. With the knowledge you provide, our team of experts will create a customized action plan to help you and your loved ones get the most out of your beautiful waterfront!

4 Factors that Affect Pricing

Above the water, your view is beautiful. Below the surface however, an explosion of weeds tell a different story. Our Waterfront Restoration team of experts are happy to come out, meet with you (while practicing social distancing or with a virtual zoom meeting) and provide a quote based on the following determining factors:Account manager explaining the 4 pricing factors that affect the cost to a husband and wife.

  • Square footage of the area being serviced
  • Species and density of the weeds
  • Sediment type
    • Mucky or sandy
  • Frequency of visits that may be needed

Generally, these 4 factors listed above can differentiate from neighbor to neighbor simply based on the lake or bay that your property is located on. Another determining factor to consider is whether the lake weeds have been maintenance previously, or understanding the nutrients in the water.

Here’s an Example

Two of our clients are neighbors. We will call them client A and client B. Client A has been using our lake weed removal services for the last 5 years. His neighbor, client B, has never done any lake weed maintenance before and decided to try Waterfront Restoration’s services for the very first time. The service ended up taking twice as much time to remove the weeds for client B than it did for neighbor A. Because client A had been using our services over the past couple of years, there was a greater reduction in weed growth in and around their lakefront, resulting in less maintenance time and cost. To learn more about aquatic weed growth, visit

Pricing Structure and Price Breakdown between Cleanups

There are several factors that go into Waterfront Restoration’s pricing structure. On average, pricing can range from $2,400- $3,800 for an entire four-month (season long) control.  However, due to the amount of cost variables, it is also important to note that most of the work, cost, and weed density is completed on the early summer and mid summer cleanup. The other cleanups, in July and August, are to maintain your clean lakefront throughout the entire season.

Consequently, we breakdown each cleanup in terms of percentages. For instance, the price for a 3 cleanup plan is not broken down linearly as one might think. Instead, it is typically broken down such as this:

  • 50% for the 1st WR cleanup
  • 30% for the 2nd WR cleanup
  • 20% for the 3rd WR cleanup

Let’s Connect & Get to the Root of Your Problem!

Fall is a great time to start planning for next spring’s maintenance program. Call Waterfront Restoration to schedule a free no-obligation consultation! Either in person or with a virtual meeting! One of our WR team members welcome the opportunity to walk you through our programs, capabilities and pricing options! Located in the Twin Cities, call Waterfront Restoration today at: 952-356-0614. Located in Brainerd Lakes area call us at: 218-210-2003.