5 Best Lake Weed Removal Tools

Ever wonder what the best lake weed removal tools are?

At Waterfront Restoration, we carefully pick and choose what lake weed removal tools we use to ensure the best and cleanest removal of your lake weeds.

SCUBA divers gear up to remove weeds

We put careful consideration into how to achieve your goals for your lakeshore. We use several tools when removing your lake and pond weeds. Here are the five best tools for removing land and pond weeds:

1. Your hands!

Although this may not be a traditional lake weed removal tool, using your hands to pluck lake weeds from your lake sediment is the best way to ensure clean removal of lake and pond weeds. There are several benefits to hand-plucking aquatic weeds:

  • The results last longer than cutting or harvesting weeds.
  • Leftover seeds from plants will not disperse to other parts of the lakeshore – preventing further or thicker weed growth in the area.
  • Hand-picking ensures precise results. By picking lake weeds by hand, you can make your lakeshore into what you want it to be.

Did you know? Waterfront Restoration specializes in the hand harvesting of aquatic plants!

2. Serrated Lake Weed Cutter

A lake weed cutter helps clean up and remove the lower-lying weeds that are rooted closer to the lake’s sediment. Weed cutters are used in a back and forth motion to trim down weeds, typically closer to the shoreline. Additionally, weed cutters are often used on native lake weeds (such as eel grass or chara). Because native weeds are beneficial to the ecology of your lakeshore, it is not always wise to completely remove them – this is where a weed cutter comes in handy!

We use a weed cutter to trim down your lake weeds. The weed cutter helps us help you. By using this tool, you get to keep your native plants AND achieve a swimmable lakefront!

3. Lake Weed Pitchfork

This lake weed removal tool helps gather the weeds that float on top of the water. Their tines help catch the pesky weeds that may otherwise be difficult to collect. Lake weed pitchforks are a great tool for cleaning up lightly rooted and floating vegetation that comes in large quantities.

4. Beach Rake 

Keeping your beach is important to the look and feel of your lakeshore. That’s why we choose to use a beach rake to get thick or dense vegetation from your beach area. Using the beach rake is a great way to maintain the natural beauty of your lake area.

5. Net or Pool Net

Our divers utilize nets in their work as well. Similar to the pitchfork, the nets help catch floating weed debris. They help minimize floating weeds in the lake area and enhance the look of the water. Nets work particularly well from skimming the water’s surface after a lake weed cutter rake has been used throughout an area.

There are many methods for removing lake weeds. Letting professionals remove them by hand is a great, long term solution for your personal lakeshore goals.

Our representatives are more than happy to tell you more about how our divers help keep lakeshores clean. Reach out at (952) 356-0614 or at info@waterfrontrestoration.com to connect with someone!