Swimmer’s Itch and How to Prevent it

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Many Minnesotans have likely experienced swimmer’s itch at some point in their lives, especially if you have a lakefront property or spend most summer days swimming at the lake. If you’ve had it, then you also know that it is an irritating rash that can come on somewhat suddenly.  Everyone’s reaction to swimmer’s itch is…

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How to Maintain and Remove Coontail from your Lakeshore

Hornwort Plant

If you own a lakefront property, you may notice a variety of lakeweeds beginning to wash up on your shoreline or accumulate around your dock. Many of these floating lakeweeds are native to Minnesota, and the most common include coontail, eelgrass, and chara. Eurasian Milfoil, an invasive lakeweed, can also wash up on your shoreline. …

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Effects of Zebra Mussels in our Lakes

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You’ve seen the billboards or the signs at waterfronts warning to “stop aquatic hitchhikers.” Although other aquatic species can spread from lake to lake, one of the most common and damaging invasive species is the zebra mussel.  Zebra mussels are invasive mollusks, meaning they are not native to the lakes of Minnesota. They are a…

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