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“It is great being weed free. Our family is back in the water! - Dan M

“Waterfront Restoration did a fantastic job! We could not be happier with the service, the great job the divers did, and the professionalism of everyone at WR. My wife commented this morning how great our dock area looked as compared to some of our neighbors. We will definitely be booking you guys for next summer. Thanks!” - Gary N, Gideon Bay, Lake Minnetonka

“Everything is great. We love that Waterfront Restoration accommodates our specific needs. They are a special company.”
 - Sandy H, Lake Minnetonka, Smithtown Bay

“The team went above my expectation.- Natalie R, Lake Minnetonka, Harrison Bay

We have a successful 20-year track record totaling 1900+ projects. We have a 98% satisfaction rate among our 500+ regular clients, and we would be happy to provide references.

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