Lake Weed Cutter: A Comprehensive Guide

By Derek / March 24, 2023

  Weeds are a common problem in ponds and lakes, especially here in the great state of Minnesota. They can reduce the oxygen levels of the water, cause harm to aquatic life and make boating and swimming difficult. Not something we want to deal with when our summers are so short to begin with. Investing […]

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5 Reasons to Clear Weeds from Your Lakefront: A Professional Guide

By Derek / March 16, 2023

Weeds are a significant problem on lakefronts. Not only do they detract from the beauty of the landscape and make it difficult to enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming, and boating, but they can also contribute to several environmental issues. In this article, we’ll discuss five reasons why it’s important to clear weeds from your […]

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Beach Weeds: 4 Tips On How To Clear Weeds From Your Beach This Summer

By Derek / March 3, 2023

  Our Minnesota summers are short; that means as soon as the weather starts to warm up is the perfect time to get your lakefront property in order. Part of this process should include addressing the issue of beach weeds. Weeds can take over a beach quickly, making it difficult to enjoy your time there. […]

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Understanding the Environmental Impact of Zebra Mussels: Why are they Bad?

By Derek / February 22, 2023

  Zebra mussels are a freshwater mollusk species that has been wreaking havoc on aquatic ecosystems in North America since first discovered in the 1980s. While they have been around for many centuries, they have become a significant problem in recent decades. In this article, we will discuss what zebra mussels are, how they spread, […]

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4 Easy Ecofriendly Lakefront Practices

By Derek / August 2, 2022

Here at Waterfront Restoration, we value our natural environment. We utilize low-impact, eco-friendly weed removal practices that ensure a healthy and happy lakefront! Consequently, with our servicing, you will not only receive immediate and long-lasting results, but you will also leave a minimal environmental impact. Luckily, there are many great ways to support and protect […]

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The 5 Most Common Water Birds of MN & the Effects of Weed Removal

By Derek / July 19, 2022

The state of Minnesota is home to a wide variety of water birds that dwell in rivers, lakes, and ponds. One of the most prominent lakes in the metro area is Lake Minnetonka. Lake Minnetonka is home to many different types of animals, from bugs to fish to birds. Effects of Aquatic Weed Removal on […]

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What Once Was: The Excelsior Amusement Park

By Derek / June 23, 2022

A Quick Background Many of us are familiar with Valley Fair in Shakopee. But did you know it was founded by the same man who started the Excelsior Amusement Park? The Excelsior Amusement Park was founded by Fred W Pearce on May 30, 1925. The park was situated on Lake Minnetonka’s Excelsior Bay. The park […]

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Eelgrass: A Beneficial MN Native Weed

By Derek / June 10, 2022

What is Eel Grass? Wild celery or Vallisneria Americana is a native weed found in many Minnesota lakes. The Wild Celery has several nicknames. Its nicknames include eelgrass, water celery, or tape grass. It is most commonly referred to as eelgrass. This weed is a type of flowering sea grass that has “long ribbon-like leaves”. […]

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Achieving your lakeshore dreams

By Derek / April 27, 2022

Are you looking to achieve your lakeshore dream? Do you wonder about the success of lake weed removal? Let us tell you a story: Pelican Lake, a beautiful body of water located in Northern Minnesota, has a lot to offer to its enjoyers. From swimming and boating to picturesque sunsets, Pelican Lake is a perfect […]

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5 Best Lake Weed Removal Tools

By Derek / March 24, 2022

Ever wonder what the best lake weed removal tools are? At Waterfront Restoration, we carefully pick and choose what lake weed removal tools we use to ensure the best and cleanest removal of your lake weeds. We put careful consideration into how to achieve your goals for your lakeshore. We use several tools when removing […]

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