Change Makers

Change makers: people who are actively trying to transform and alter the world they live in. This could be a peaceful protest, schools teaching creativity, or even scuba divers being ecologically innovative in your backyard. Here, at Waterfront Restoration, we are change makers in our community because we are diving deeper than just removing our clients’ lake weeds. We love having the chance to get involved and help others by using our talents and specialties. Overall, we are change makers because we want to see the lake weed removal business transform into a more eco-friendly, and community oriented industry. We also love to support other change makers who are present in our community. 

What Happens to the Lake Weeds?

After we gather each weed that was extracted By-The-Root, we perform the disposal process. The difference that our process makes is that we do not simply throw the weeds away. We donate them. The lake weeds go to the Chanhassen Arboretum, and other local charities to be used a compost. The Donation Garden, specifically, uses the Eurasian Watermilfoil that we collect. Using the lake weeds as compost means that the weeds are placed by the other plants to help support their growth. At the Donation Garden, they are used to help grow healthy food to be donated to local food shelves. At the Arboretum, the weeds are used help other plants grow and thrive. Therefore, when we extract our clients’ lake weeds, the client, and ourselves, are making a positive impact in the community. 


Lake Minnetonka Donation of Lake Weeds


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Our Work with the Long Lake Fire Department:

We have been working with the Long Lake Fire Department to clear out their lake weeds. The Long Lake Fire Department has a boat docked on Lake Minnetonka in case there are any fires on the lake. Therefore, it is important that they are able to respond as quickly as they can. The issue with where they are docked is that there are a lot of lake weeds. This causes it to be difficult for them to maneuver their boat out into the open water. That is where we come in. We have our crew go in and extract the weeds, free of charge. Our goal is to be able to help them, and others who are in danger, through our services. 

Our connection with the Long Lake Fire Department is maintained through our Marketing and Sales Manager, Derek. When he is not working with clients or spending time on the lake, he is a volunteer firefighter. At Waterfront Restoration, we love to get involved in the community, whether it is with the business or our personal lives.

Being an active member in the community is an important factor for us. We pride ourselves on the difference we make. The purpose of our donations of lake weeds is to not only make ourselves feel good about helping others, but also to help our clients be able to make a difference. It is their lake weeds that are having the impact, we are just the organizers. Furthermore, being a change maker and sparking innovation is at the core of our business and is how we define success!

Long Lake Fire Department

Scuba divers removing lake weeds

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