DNR Regulations on Bog Removal

What is a bog? What can I do about it?

According to National Geographic, a bog is a type of wetland composed of decaying material. Minnesotans can find bogs on many lakes and ponds in the state. Did you know that Waterfront Restoration can remove or relocate bogs? While we are able to assist in the removal of a bog, we must follow the DNR regulations on bog removal. 

Divers following DNR Regulations on Bog

Does the DNR regulate bog removal?

The DNR has several regulations for aquatic plant removal to preserve the natural environment. As a result, some of these regulations include permitting for the removal of emergent weeds and the transportation of aquatic weeds into a body of water. 

Further, the erosion of the natural ecosystem concerns the DNR. Hence, when removing a bog, the DNR wants to ensure that the biosphere stays healthy. 

Due to these concerns, the DNR requires a permit for bog removal. According to the Minnesota DNR, “Moving or removing a bog of any size that is free-floating or lodged in any area other than its place of origin in public waters” requires a permit. 

The DNR writes, “The purpose of the DNR’s aquatic plant management program is to balance native plant conservation with the desires of lakeshore residents to recreate and access their property. State law establishes what property owners can do to control aquatic plants. DNR fisheries APM staff administer those controls via a permitting system.” Therefore, Waterfront Restoration strives to provide lakeshore owners with the highest quality results while ensuring to preserve the natural beauty of the lake. 

How do I acquire a permit from the DNR?

Good news! Waterfront Restoration does all the heavy lifting in acquiring a permit from the DNR. Above all, we understand that you want to keep your lakeshore looking pristine while maintaining a healthy environment. If your job requires a permit, we will handle the permit process 100% from our office.

The first step to removing a bog is setting up a consultation with an account representative to assess your lakeshore. Afterwards, they will be able to walk through the DNR regulations with you and outline next steps for obtaining a permit. 

If you are interested in looking into bog removal options, please contact us at (952) 356-0614 or via email at info@waterfrontrestoration.com

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