Lake Levels and Weed Growth

By Derek / July 20, 2021

This summer, Minnesotans across the state have been experiencing lower lake levels than normal. While lake levels primarily impact water activities like boating and swimming, they can also influence weed growth. Our clients have been coming to us noticing more weeds than ever, and we certainly agree! Removing an average of 27 bags from each […]

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What You Need to Know About Blowers

By Derek / July 7, 2021

Here at Waterfront Restoration, we know that multiple strategies are sometimes needed to keep your lakefront pristine all season long. Of course, we primarily recommend by-the-root lake weed removal, as extracting these plants by the root allows for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly solution. However, when dealing with nuisances like floating weeds, aeration blowers can be […]

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Introducing Our Detroit Lakes Branch

By Derek / June 28, 2021

This season, we are excited to celebrate the recent opening of Waterfront Restoration’s Detroit Lakes branch! For 18 years, Waterfront Restoration has been servicing people and property all over Minnesota, providing families with the most high-quality, eco-friendly, and efficient lake weed removal services. Last year, after recognizing the need for service in Northern Minnesota, we […]

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4 Best Attractions in Brainerd

By Derek / June 22, 2021

Are you planning your visit to the Brainerd area, or a local just looking for something new to do? At Waterfront Restoration, we’ve got you covered! Here are the 4 best attractions in Brainerd. Paul Bunyan Land One of Brainerd’s most famous attractions is Paul Bunyan Land, a theme and historical park located right off […]

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Minnesota’s 5 Most Common Weed Species

By Derek / June 10, 2021

Although a majority of Minnesotan lakefront owners struggle with aquatic weeds and their removal, many don’t know what type, or species, of weed they have on their particular shoreline. We are here to help! Check this helpful guide below to learn about Minnesota’s 5 most common weed species. Eurasian Water Milfoil: One of the most […]

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First Steps for the Lake Weed Removal Process

By Derek / June 7, 2021

Where to Begin in Your Journey to a Weed-Free Lakeshore Interested in using Waterfront Restoration’s services to rid your lakeshore of pesky weeds, but you don’t know where to start? This article can help you begin with the lake weed removal process! At Waterfront Restoration, account managers are knowledgeable, caring, and highly interested in wellbeing […]

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Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

By Derek / May 5, 2021

If you reside or have ever lived in a region surrounded by lakes or a large body of water, you would be familiar with the invasive plants and animals that tend to inhabit these bodies of water. We call them the aquatic invasive species, and just like the name implies, they are quite meddlesome. One […]

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The Root of Things

By Derek / April 9, 2021

Working with the team over at the Lake Minnetonka Magazine was a great success. Writer, Madeline Kopeicki,  did a fantastic job in her recent article The Root of Things. This article features Waterfront Restoration’s SCUBA lake weed removal services as well as gives the readers a brief history on how our locally owned business started […]

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Challenges That May Impact Your Lake Weed Removal Service

By Derek / April 7, 2021

Too often, our client’s might be heard asking “what is the cost of your lake weed removal service” or “can you give me a ballpark figure?” Without a basic understanding your project, it’s a little like asking how much a new house is going to cost without first defining the size, materials, and other features […]

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Swimmer’s Itch and How to Prevent it

By Meg Carney / March 16, 2021
Lakes contain swimmer's itch.

Many Minnesotans have likely experienced swimmer’s itch at some point in their lives, especially if you have a lakefront property or spend most summer days swimming at the lake. If you’ve had it, then you also know that it is an irritating rash that can come on somewhat suddenly.  Everyone’s reaction to swimmer’s itch is […]

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