Expansion to Northern Minnesota Lakeshore

For 17 years, Waterfront Restoration has been serving lakeshore homeowners across the state of Minnesota. Our mission to provide families the most effective and eco-friendly solution to lake weed removal. Since our humble beginnings in the Lake Minnetonka area, Waterfront Restoration has now expanded to all corners of the state. Above all, we pride ourselves in bringing a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly solution to lake weed removal.

Due to the high demand from Northern Minnesota, Waterfront Restoration has opened a new branch located in the Brainerd Lakes Area. As a result, this new addition to the Waterfront Restoration team makes trips to Detroit Lakes, Alexandria, the entire Whitefish Chain, and beyond.

Commonly Serviced Lakes in Northern Minnesota

  • Crosslake
  • Gull Lake
  • Ossawinnamakee Lake
  • Upper and Lower Whitefish Lake
  • Mille Lacs Lake
  • Leech Lake


Lead by Breezy Point native, Braeden Johnston, this extension of Waterfront Restoration is bringing a clean waterfront to a growing number of lakeshore properties in the area. Braeden is available for onsite consultations or virtual consultations in the region. Additionally, he has great knowledge of the area’s lakes as he himself lives on Ossawinnamakee Lake.

For cabin or lakehome owners new to our lake weed removal services, our process is simple. We specialize in SCUBA by-the-root weed removal which consists of uprooting aquatic weeds one by one leaving behind an immaculate weed-free lakeshore. This technique guarantees immediate results that are longer lasting than any other weed control solutions. However, don’t just take or word for it, visit our testimonial map to see what other homeowners in your area are saying.

Common Aquatic Weeds Found in Northern Minnesota

  • Curly-leaf pondweed
  • Eurasian watermilfoil
  • Coontail
  • Lily pads
  • Cattails

The removal of some aquatic weed types, such as lilypads and cattails, does requires the use of DNR Permit. However, we eliminate the hassle of the application process for you by applying for the permit and handling all communication with the DNR. For more information regarding Waterfront Restoration’s SCUBA lake weed removal services, aquatic weed types, and DNR permits call our office at 952-356-0614. As a result, we will provide you with all the information you need to improve your lakefront.