First Steps for the Lake Weed Removal Process

Where to Begin in Your Journey to a Weed-Free Lakeshore

Interested in using Waterfront Restoration’s services to rid your lakeshore of pesky weeds, but you don’t know where to start? This article can help you begin with the lake weed removal process!

At Waterfront Restoration, account managers are knowledgeable, caring, and highly interested in wellbeing of your lakeshore. Your account manager will guide you through the services that our SCUBA divers will provide for your lakeshore. Additionally, they can also help you answer all of the questions that you may have.

But what questions should you be asking?

Starter Questions for Lakefront Property Owners to Ask

No question is off the table for our experienced account managers. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out where to begin with the lake weed removal process, here are some questions that might help you.

  1. What are the benefits of your by-the-root extraction of lakeweeds as opposed to other methods of lakeweed removal?
    Our SCUBA divers selectively hand harvest each weed (and the weed’s root system!), so all the invasive weeds are removed while the native weeds are trimmed down to about grass length. Other lakeweed control methods aren’t as eco-friendly and may only produce mediocre results. Furthermore, they can create a breeding ground for more invasive weeds in the future. Ask your account manager what this means for your particular lakefront!
  2. Besides lakeweed removal, do you offer any other services?
    We offer a variety of different services. Some of these services include zebra mussel removal, dangerous object removal, canopy and dock cleaning, muck pellets, and much more. After meeting with your account representative, don’t hesitate to ask about what other services might be beneficial for your lakeshore. All in all, they can make sure you are getting the best experience possible with Waterfront Restoration.
    Check out what the Minnesota DNR has to say about Invasive Species. We can help with these too!

Account Representative Helping with Lake Weed Removal Process

Questions for Your Particular Lakeshore

  1. How many visits would you recommend?
    Your account manager will help you figure out what is ideal for your unique set of needs and desires accordingly!
  2. How large of an area should I have cleaned?
    Your account manager can make suggestions for how much of your lakefront could benefit from Waterfront Restoration’s weed removal services. Furthermore, their suggestions are based on your desires, needs, and the uses of your lakeshore.
  3. Ask about our Love Your Lakefront Guarantee!
    Our Love Your Lakefront Guarantee warrants all of our by-the-root services. If you are not satisfied with the results up to one week after the cleanup, we will send a team of SCUBA divers out free of charge to remove any weeds that may have been missed.  Another key point is that we are confident in our results and stand fully behind our work. Ask your account manager what this means for your package options.

Figuring out what to ask can be difficult. However, it is vital to remember that your account managers are looking out for you.

Above all, we want you to receive the best services for your lakefront, and your account mangers are more than happy to answer your questions.

Reach out to the Waterfront Restoration Team to Get Started

Give us a call or text at (952) 356-0614 to set up a free, no obligation weed removal analysis with one of our account managers, or email us at to see how you and your family can start enjoying a weed free lakeshore.