Fourth of July Ideas for the Lake

Finally, the holiday every lake lover has been waiting for… The Fourth of July! This holiday is bitter sweet because it marks summer being half way over. Luckily, Minnesota has the perfect place to spend it and that is on the lake!  The crew here at Waterfront Restoration has some tips for you on how to enjoy the perfect fourth:

1- Spend it on the Lake

Minnesota is nick named “The Land Of 10,000 Lakes” (11,842 to be exact). Therefore, there is no other state that knows how to truly enjoy the lake life like we do. We take pride of the fact that we live for 3 months out of the year where we get to go out on the lake. We don’t need ocean beaches, all we need is a boat to take out. Therefore, our first tip is to spend the Fourth of July out on a boat. Go eat on the boat, tie up with other boats, go fishing– Just get out on the water!

2- Enjoy your Lakefront

Have family over to your place and spend the day down on the dock while the kids swim. Enjoy pulling your kids tubing in the bay while grandma and grandpa sit on the dock watching. Buy some inflatable tubes, put them in the water and tie them up to your dock. Enjoy time making memories at your lakefront.

3- Be Festive

Go to a parade in the morning. Wear Red, White, and Blue clothing. Go to fireworks at night, or have your own fireworks down at your lakefront. Bake a red white and blue cake. Have a red, white and blue water balloon fight in your yard. Get involved with what is going on in your community and enjoy it!

4- Make sure your lakefront is weed-free

Yes you had to of seen this coming… But seriously if it isn’t give us a call!

5- Fifth, and most importantly spend it with those you love

Minnesota summers are so short. Kids grow up fast. Older family members aren’t around forever. Hold those close to you that you love and spend this fourth of July making memories at your lakefront with those you love.

Have a wonderful fourth of July and don’t forget to enjoy your lakeshore!



Here are a few links for things that may be going on in your area!