Lake Levels and Weed Growth

This summer, Minnesotans across the state have been experiencing lower lake levels than normal. While lake levels primarily impact water activities like boating and swimming, they can also influence weed growth. Our clients have been coming to us noticing more weeds than ever, and we certainly agree! Removing an average of 27 bags from each lakeshore, it is safe to say that lower lake levels are accelerating weed growth!

Why do lower lake levels impact weed growth?

Lower lake levels have been quickening the growth of weeds because they allow more sun to reach the lakeshore bottom. Simply put, less water between the surface and the soil of the lake allows more sunlight to reach the bottom and stimulate photosynthesis. This year’s early ice-out, on Lake Minnetonka recorded to be as early as March 30, also contributed to increased weed growth, as the growing season started earlier than normal. This combination- lower lake levels allowing more sunshine to reach the bottom and the early ice-out allowing for a longer growing season- is why we are seeing increased weed growth this summer.

weeds on dock

How do I manage my unexpected weeds?

There are many things you can do to handle and reduce your unexpected weed growth. Of course, we primarily recommend by-the-root weed removal. Removing the plant as well as the root system provides a longer-lasting, eco-friendly and efficient solution for nuisance weeds. We also recommend scheduling fall and spring by-the-root weed removal visits. These visits help prevent a build up of muck, as muck is an ideal habitat for invasive weed species.

What can Waterfront Restoration do about my weeds?

We here at Waterfront Restoration want you to enjoy your lakeshore to the fullest extent this summer and fall season. Interested in setting up free, no obligation weed growth analysis? Our account managers Max (Twin Cities area), Braeden (Brainerd area), and Nate (Detroit Lakes area) are available for onsite or virtual consultations. Accelerating weed growth is frustrating, but our by-the-root weed removal allows you to love your lakefront!

Waterfront Restoration is thrilled to share that we recently partnered with WDAY news in the Detroit Lakes area to highlight this important issue.  Braeden discussed lake levels and weed growth with reporter Grace. You can view the interview below, or here.