Achieving your lakeshore dreams

Are you looking to achieve your lakeshore dream? Do you wonder about the success of lake weed removal? Let us tell you a story:

Pelican Lake, a beautiful body of water located in Northern Minnesota, has a lot to offer to its enjoyers. From swimming and boating to picturesque sunsets, Pelican Lake is a perfect location for a lake home or cabin. However, one of the lake’s aquatic partners, the cattail, causes some annoyance for lakeshore owners. 

For one particular lakefront owner, there were more than enough cattails on his property. 

The Problem

Aside from the obvious natural beauty of living on one of Minnesota’s lakes, the ultimate allure of a lake home is to get out there and get your feet wet . Water recreation, whether that be boating, floating, or rowing is what gets us Minnesotans through the long, cold winters, and what fills our cups up in the summertime.

For this lakefront property owner, his cup was only half full, held back by a massive swath of cattails that stood in the way of that enjoyment. With a vision of what the lakeshore could be, the property owner contacted us to see if we could help. He expressed a desire to clear a path from his shoreline out to open water. His vision was to get his boat out so he and his family could enjoy the lake. After discussing the solutions we could provide, the property owner made the decision to move forward with the project.

However, it was not a small task since the property had never been freed of lake weeds before.

To access open water, nearly 200 feet of thick cattails and aquatic weeds within a 15-foot-wide channel needed removal. As an easily-recognizable reference for many Minnesotans, 200 feet is the same length as an NHL hockey rink! This puts into perspective the magnitude of the project. Still, our confident and skilled Waterfront Restoration crew took on this project. They arrived with energy and vigor to help this property owner achieve the perfect lakefront for him. 

The Solution

The crew of five spent three consecutive days on the project and removed nearly 300 bags of cattails during that time, roughly 4 tons of weeds. Once finished, the property owner could install a dock system (which wasn’t a possibility before) and make good use of his boat on the beaming Pelican Lake.

Take a look at these before and after photos taken at the site. You will even see a few of our crew members hard at work on day one!


Picture of area before cattail removal Picture of area before cattail removal


Picture of area after cattail removal Picture of area after cattail removal

Nearly unrecognizable from the original area, the lakefront owner came back to a cattail-free channel. Now, he could easily access the great waters. Removing the cattails has helped shape the dreams of owning lakefront property for this particular individual. With the frustration of the pesky emergent and aquatic weeds whisked away, the property owner achieved summer-time happiness and freedom on the water – cup overflowing.

To see our crew in action removing the hundreds of pounds of cattails, check out this video!

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