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Waterfront Restoration realizes that when it comes to lake wide aquatic weed infestations, no one method can control, reduce, or remove all lake weeds. Multiple management efforts provide the greatest form of large scale management and are the key to helping future generations understand the importance of proper lake management.

Waterfront Restoration LLC has worked with the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board as well as multiple groups of Lake Associations, Municipality boards and HOA’s around Lake Minnetonka and the Greater Twin Cities area to develop and implement successful management outcomes that meet their financial goals and lake management plans.

As featured on KARE 11, KSTP, the Star Tribune and WCCO, we have developed positive relationships with hundreds of residents throughout the greater MN region by providing superior SCUBA by the root weed removal services. Every partnership involves the outreach and involvement to educate residents about solutions and benefits to improve the quality of their lake while also identifying and protecting native plants.

Not sure where to start? We can help by:

  • Discussing and answering questions about our services and how they benefit your lake.
  • Assisting you to develop a lake vegetation management plan or move it into operating phase.
  • Educating on vegetation characteristics, growth cycles and spread prevention per species.
  • Helping to find funding sources and grants that may be available.
  • Recommending the best options for hiring a surveying consultant, if you are in the early monitoring stage.
  • Applying for DNR permits and managing the application process.
  • Proposing estimated costs up front.
  • Involving and informing residents about our solutions and benefits.
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Waterfront Restoration is locally owned, licensed and fully insured. We are a MN DNR Permitted Lake Service Provider (LSP) with valid permit. In addition, 100% of our field service staff have completed the Lake Service Provider Employee Online Training Course and possess a completion certificate in their name. We follow the DNR's standard operating procedures, as well as multi-layered internal protocols, in the decontamination of harvesting equipment to ensure that there is no possibility of aquatic invasive species (especially Zebra Mussels) being spread to new areas.

Benefits that we can provide to your lake association:

  • Significant multiple property discounts. The more people that sign up, the larger the discount.
  • Selective about the weeds we remove, there will be no damage to the ecosystem of the lake.
  • Longer Term Control- By the root removal, the same plants cannot grow back as easily.
  • A safe swimming or public area that children won’t get tangled up in or step on dangerous objects.
  • Boat launch areas clear of invasive weeds to prevent fragmentation and spreading around the entire lake.
  • Weed free instantly- available for recreational use.
  • Extensive knowledge of vegetation characteristics, growth cycles and spread prevention per species.
  • Can work in small to medium acreage infestations and on multiple areas of the lake
  • Can complement other management efforts and remove specialized areas of concern at any density.

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