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Known as the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesota has many beautiful lakes. However, with our cold winters, boating turns into ice fishing. Just recently, lake lovers started noticing ice out among Minnesota’s popular lakes, and Waterfront Restoration couldn’t be happier!

ice out on lake minnetonka

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Spring is here, ice is melting, and before we know it, it will be 75 degrees and sunny. For our lake lovers, remember that a Spring cleanup will prepare your lakefront for a better summer experience. If you are not sure what a Spring cleanup is or what the benefits are, give us a call at 952-356-0614.

Are you wondering if your lake or the lake you normally visit in the Summer started ice out?

Here is a list of popular lakes in Minnesota with ice out:

Gull Lake

Ice out was on March 17th. The median ice out date is usually around mid-April, but this year, with a mild Winter, it was earlier. Fun fact: the latest ice out date, according to the DNR, was May 18th, 1950. In fact, March 17th, 2024 was Gull Lake’s earliest ice out date!

Lake Minnetonka

Ice out was on March 13. Early to mid-April is usually when ice out is on Lake Minnetonka. Heads up, Maynards and Lord Fletcher’s get ready for a busy Summer! Fun fact: the latest ice out date was May 5th, 2018.

Otter Tail

Ice out was March 16th, which is also the earliest ice out date for Otter Tail! On average, April 16th is the typical ice out date. Fun fact: the latest ice out date on Otter Tail was May 13th, 2013. Hopefully, the water temperature won’t be too cold this year for Memorial Day.

Upper Prior & Lower Prior Lake

The earliest ice out date on Upper Prior was March 3rd, according to the DNR. The latest ice out date was April 29th, 2013. Ice out on Lower Prior Lake was also on March 3rd. However, the latest ice out date on Lower Prior was May 2nd, 2018.

White Bear Lake

The 2024 ice out date was March 8th, making it the earliest ice out. However, it was not too long ago that White Bear Lake had its latest ice out date; May 4th, 2018. Located only 25 minutes from Minneapolis, White Bear Lake is a quick drive from the Twin Cities.

Pelican Lake

Located in Crow Wing County, near Breezy Point, ice out on Pelican Lake was March 15th this year. March 15th, 2024, was the earliest ice out date Pelican Lake has had! May 14th, 2013, was the latest ice-out date, making it a cold Memorial weekend.

Ice out on a lake

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Summer 2024 Coming Soon

As we have seen, our ice-out lake dates have set records this year. With warmer temperatures, lake weed growth this Summer will be higher than usual. Summer is short, so don’t waste it with lake weeds; instead, enjoy your lakefront WEED-FREE with friends and family. Waterfront Restoration serves the Twin Cities, Brainerd, and Detroit Lakes regions. Give us a call and see how our SCUBA By-The-Root method can transform your lakefront. Call us today at 952-356-0614.

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