Eco-Friendly Lake Weed Removal

Providing eco-friendly lake weed removal services is important to us as a company because we want our actions to have a positive impact in the world. This is why Tom Suerth started the first SCUBA By-The-Root removal service in Minnesota. He wanted to introduce a process that would provide excellent results, and protect the lakes. Spending time on lakes in Minnesota is what makes summer, summer! We strive to protect the lakes and ensure they are usable for years and years to come! Below we have discussed what makes our company so eco-friendly:

The Process Itself

Our process is performing SCUBA By-The-Root weed removal services on Minnesota lakes. You may be wondering what that service entails. It consists of having a team of scuba divers dive down to the bottom of your lake and pull out the lake weeds by their root. This ensures instant and longer-lasting results.

This process is eco-friendly because we use humans to target the different weeds specifically.  Our divers use their expertise to single out the weeds for extraction. Other less targeted methods may cause mass removal of every lake weed and aquatic animal that is living within the area. We like to leave some weeds, like Chara and Eelgrass, untouched as they are a vital part of the ecosystem. Using chemicals affects certain native weeds, as well as the animals living within the area.

Removing the weeds by having divers swim to the bottom also allows them to remove any dangerous objects. This ensures no injuries to people and animals swimming in the water.

This makes our method the best and safest for your lake! 

Eco-Friendly Lake Weed Removal Scuba divers

The Products We Use

The products we use, such as muck pellets, are also eco-friendly. Our muck pellets are organic, and contain safe and beneficial bacteria that will not harm aquatic species, fish, waterfowl, or people. The lake will still be able to maintain the ecosystem, and the animals, and people, who have interactions with the lake, will stay healthy.

Eco-Friendly Lake Weed Removal Swimmers

Disposal of Weeds

Instead of letting the weeds decay and sink to the bottom of the lake when they are extracted, we dispose of them ourselves. We gather the weeds and donate them to local places in our community so they can use the weeds as fertilizer. This is making an environmental impact because we dispose of the weeds properly and allow people to reuse them in a new way.

Eco-Friendly Lake Weed Removal Weeds

Why is Eco-Friendly Lake Weed Removal Important?

Being eco-friendly is important to keep the lakes safe. It ensures that the ecosystems will continue to be balanced and thriving for years to come. Below is a linked article that talks more about the importance of protecting our lakes.

Eco-Friendly Lake Weed Removal View

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