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Payment Terms

  1. You will need a credit card number on file if you applied a  downpayment prior to your cleanup. The credit card will automatically be charged the remaining balance on the account upon completing the install.
  2. 50% is due when the agreement is signed and an appointment is scheduled, and 50% is due at the completion of installation.
  3. Our Christmas light service is a full package deal! It is set up as a rental, and includes: Installation of Contractor owned products on clients' property. Jingle Bulbs Christmas Lighting leases all products to clients and is responsible for any product damage. Maintenance of product during the holiday season. 24-hour turnaround to any product issues on your property. Take down of lighting after the holiday season- storage of products in our warehouse during the off-season.
  4. We supply the extension cords. For extension cords running to trees that may be at risk of being mowed over, please notify your mowing company. Jingle Bulbs is NOT responsible for damaged extension cords from mowing or landscaping incidents. We will plug in the timer and run the extension cords to the trees. You can unplug the extension cord when needed, but please do not unplug the timer.
  5. Jingle Bulbs is not responsible for vandalism or "acts of God" and will not replace lights in these situations.
  6. Jingle Bulbs will purchase the decorations the 1st year and then replace them each year as needed- the customer will never be required to purchase decorations due to wear & tear. Therefore the decorations are the property of Jingle Bulbs and are on lease.
  7. Our work is 100% guaranteed. We will respond within 24 hours and set a return time to repair.
  8. If, while the crew is on the roof, they notice any damage before the start of the job this will be relayed to you in a post-completion email.
  9. We supply the timers. If there is a need for multiple timers or the timer is a photocell-, there may be a 10-45 minute delay on the lights turning on.
  10. After any visit, an email will be sent to you once our crew leaves, which will outline all the details of the visit that day. We will also contact you a day or two after to guarantee your satisfaction.
  11. If a 3-year agreement is chosen, and the account is canceled before the contract is up, the customer is required to pay the difference between the 1-year and 3-year agreement prices for each year.
  12. There must be sufficient electricity at the sites utilizing lights. If additional power is needed, the customer will need to add electricity at the customer's expense. In the rare circumstance that a breaker trips, the job site manager will reach out to you to try and gain access to the breaker box.
  13. A quality performance check will be performed on most installations. The quality check may involve the crew member(s) setting up a ladder to fix any issues and/or accessing the outlet and timers, or they may drive by and observe the lights from their vehicle. Most quality checks will be near or after dark, typically between 4 and 8 pm, so please don't be alarmed if you see someone.
  14. All 3-Year Agreements will auto-renew after the third year unless the customer has sent a cancellation request.
  15. Agreements may be increased due to the growth of bushes/trees, additional lights being required, and increases in labor/product costs. Customers in a 3-year agreement may receive a price increase after year one due to bulb count accuracy and time requirements.
  16. Any disagreements that cannot be settled will be settled by arbitration in the State of Minnesota.
  17. If the homeowner requests that the products not be taken down, then it becomes the property of the customer. The additional price is 20% of the project. After 90 days, maintenance will be billed at the current labor rates.


The logo for the clipa pro's association featuring jingle bells.

As a CLIPA (Christmas Lighting Professional Association) certified installer, Jingle Bulbs Christmas Lighting is the perfect partner for your holiday lighting needs. We are fully insured and our team of experienced professionals will work with you to create a custom lighting design that is sure to impress and spread holiday cheer.

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