Spring Cleanups on Lake Minnetonka

As Lake Minnetonka thaws and ice out begins, the dreaded lake weeds awaken, and muck buildup from fallen leaves and decaying lake weeds becomes more noticeable. This is common during the Fall and Spring; believe it or not, Spring is not far away. The first day of Spring is March 19th; therefore, you should get your free ice cream cone at Dairy Queen and start considering a Spring Cleanup for your lakeshore!

Lake Minnetonka Ice Out

Credit: Bring Me The News

Here is what our Spring Cleanups entail

Raking Instead of Diving:

Our 2-4 person crew will wade up to waist-deep into the water, typically around 3-4 feet. The average water temperature on Lake Minnetonka during the Spring is 45 degrees, which is quite cold even with waders on. The crew utilizes rakes to gather and remove the accumulated mixture over the winter months. This method ensures a thorough cleanup without the need for diving equipment. We also haul away everything collected during the visit!

A woman is pulling beach weeds out of a body of water.

Addressing Winter Decomposition:

Over the Winter months, the shallow near-shore areas become hotspots for decomposition and nourishment. Rooted and decaying weeds combine with fallen leaves, stagnant water, and washed-up debris to create a mixture that promotes muck buildup. Our spring cleanups target these areas, removing decaying organic matter and preventing the onset of muck-related issues. If you have a lot of muck, remember that there are specific regulations backing the removal of muck. Under these laws, muck may not be transplanted or destroyed because of their ecological benefits. You can look more about Minnesota’s DNR Regulations on muck removal here.

Focused Weed and Leaf Removal:

Spring Cleanups target the removal of decaying lake weeds on the bottom and fallen leaves, ensuring a cleaner and healthier aquatic ecosystem. While these cleanups don’t involve the removal of submerge-rooted weeds in the Spring, which is because lake weeds don’t grow as fast compared to the Summertime, this approach helps prepare your lakefront for the Summer.

Thorough Shoreline Cleanup:

A significant aspect of our Spring cleanup is the removal of lake weeds and leaves washed up along the shore. Maintaining your shoreline free from debris can impact the aesthetics and the ecosystem’s health. Our skilled crew will clean up lake weeds and leaves floating along the shore, nestled in rip rap, and even on the sandy areas!

Dealing with Additional Debris:

Our commitment to a complete cleanup extends beyond vegetation. We go the extra mile by removing sticks, logs, cans, glass, and any other debris we come across during the cleanup process. This process will keep your lakefront safer for your family, friends, and guests!

Dangerous Object Removal from Spring Cleanups

Keep in mind that this process can be completed even if your docks aren’t in. Don’t worry if our crew comes out and you still haven’t put your docks in the water. We’re here to ensure your property remains in top condition regardless of the dock’s status.

As Winter comes to an end, Waterfront Restoration is ready for the lake weed season. Our Spring Cleanups, featuring waist-deep wading, targeted lake weed and leaf removal, thorough shoreline cleanup, and debris removal, are the key to maintaining a safe and visually appealing lakefront. Contact us today to learn more about our Spring Cleanups and get one scheduled! We don’t just stop at Lake Minnetonka, either. We service the Twin Cities area and Brainerd and Detroit Lakes up north.