The Root of Things

Working with the team over at the Lake Minnetonka Magazine was a great success. Writer, Madeline Kopeicki,  did a fantastic job in her recent article The Root of Things. This article features Waterfront Restoration’s SCUBA lake weed removal services as well as gives the readers a brief history on how our locally owned business started out. Keep reading for a snapshot of the article and to see how you can get to the root of your lake weeds.

“Few of us like the creeping sensation of a surprise encounter with lake weeds while swimming. Tom Suerth, founder of Waterfront Restoration, knows this firsthand from growing up on Long Lake. ‘His dad used to clear the area around their lakefront by scuba diving,’ says Ben Maki, Waterfront Restoration’s marketing manager. ‘He would remove the weeds for Tom and his brother and sister, so they could enjoy a weed-free lakefront.'”

“As soon as they were old enough, Suerth and his siblings would help their dad with the process. After the neighbors started requesting their services, Suerth knew he was onto something and founded Waterfront Restoration in 2003—while he was still in high school.”

“Waterfront Restoration’s scuba diving method of weed removal may sound exotic, but…. Read more

SCUBA diver gets to the root of these lake weeds and hoists a mass of weeds onto a dock.