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WE STAND BY the Waterfront Restoration Difference

With so many options out there, it can be hard to choose. Here’s what helps us stand out from the rest.

We Provide the Best Results

Your lakeshore is a reflection of you. You have high expectations. Our service provides the most specialized deep cleaning service in Minnesota. Unlike other diving companies, we do not compromise on quality at any visit. In fact, we go the extra mile on every visit, which is why 98% of customers feel confident saying, "I am proud to recommend Waterfront Restoration to my friends and relatives."

The Other Companies are Hard to Reach

Waterfront Restoration has a year-round, full-time office staff, and it’s a top priority to return every phone call and email as soon as possible.

They Don’t Start or Finish on Time

Your proposal will include the week range that your project will be completed. Of course, nature doesn’t always cooperate! If severe weather or lake restrictions cause us to change our plans—for any amount of time—we’ll call you in advance. You will never be left waiting for our arrival.

Projects End Up Costing More than the Estimate

We provide a price guarantee for the work outlined in the proposal. The price will not change. It’s a guarantee!

My Lakefront Doesn’t Look as Good as Promised

Whether you grew up by the lake or just bought a lake home for the first time, you will be impressed with our results and will feel great about the decision you made. We love to share our “before” and “after” photos from past projects. Sometimes seeing lakeshores of different sizes, and projects of different complexities, can give clients a better idea of what we do. But as part of your weed removal analysis, we’ll talk through exactly what you can expect at your property.

They Don’t Honor Their Warranty or Guarantee

Waterfront Restoration offers a Love Your Lakefront warranty on our SCUBA by-the-root jobs. If something doesn’t look quite right, just let us know and we’ll fix the problem immediately. We’ve been in business since 2003 and don’t plan to quit, so you can be assured that we will be around to honor your warranty and stand behind our work.

The Biggest Problem of All? Nobody Seems Trustworthy

As a small business, we have built our business over the past 18 years one satisfied customer at a time – relying on positive recommendations to spread the word about our thorough lakeshore cleaning services. We’re proud of how we’ve built this business, and we never stop improving. If you would like to hear what some of your friends or neighbors are saying about our service, feel free to ask us for a testimonial from nearby you.

“This is a great group of guys who provide great customer service and are very polite and professional whenever they have been here. Overall the administration and organization are highly recommended to anyone with weed problems.”

— Diane M, Lake Minnetonka, Carson’s Bay



“We have used Waterfront Restoration Services for many years on our lake and have been very pleased with their work. They are very professional and keep me, as the customer, fully informed as to their arrival and departure and the condition of our lakefront as they found it. They follow up if for any reason you are not satisfied with their work. They couldn’t be more customer-oriented. We would recommend their waterfront service to anyone!”

—Gordon S, Christmas Lake

“I was very impressed by how well the team removed the weeds from the lakefront. I did mention that initially, it was not as well done as I would have liked and within the week the team arrived a second time to get it done perfectly.”

—Adam P, Crystal Lake

“Waterfront Restoration always does what they say they are going to do – and follows up with quality inspections and emails/phone calls to be sure you’re satisfied.”

—Bill M, Upper Lake Minnetonka

“This is a great group of guys who provide great customer service and are very polite and professional whenever they have been here. Overall the administration and organization are highly recommended to anyone with weed problems.”

—Diane M, Lake Minnetonka, Carson’s Bay


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