Tips For Increasing Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re actively selling your house or thinking about selling your home, a home’s curb appeal is a significant factor for homebuyers. Think about it. You are looking to buy a home, and the first thing you see is overgrown weeds, a cracked driveway, and a garage door that badly needs a paint job. The house you were initially excited about is now looking less exciting. Now, imagine you’re looking to buy a house on the lake, and you walk down to the lake, and all you can see are lilypads and lots of lake weeds. Once again, the house you were initially excited about now looks less exciting. Here are some tips for increasing your home’s value:

Clean lakefront Weed free lakefront

1. Curb Appeal Counts

Remember the house with too many lake weeds and lots of lilypads or the house with overgrown weeds and a cracked driveway? Curb appeal counts for a lot! You should keep things tidy and clean. That means cutting your lawn, weed-picking, and hiring a service to remove lilypads. Don’t know the first thing about removing lilypads, read this quick article by Waterfront Restoration to gain a better understanding. Maybe you don’t think your house needs any work; however, asking for a second opinion is always good. Ask a neighbor and see what they think. If you’re selling your house in the Winter, hire a professional service to hang Christmas lights. Christmas lights add a pop of color and attract attention, especially from homebuyers. Jingle Bulbs Christmas Lighting is a professional holiday lighting service. Check them out; they have excellent reviews!

2. Add Greenery

Homebuyers like to see a splash of color. Adding plants can do that, and it’s reasonably cheap. Hydrangeas are easy to grow, don’t need much care, and are beautiful. You may think your mailbox doesn’t mean a lot when selling, but adding flowers around yours will catch the eye of homebuyers. This task is easy, and if you have kids, they can even help. Porch or door planters are also simple and easy to add. If you’re selling your home in the Spring or Summer, don’t forget to add Peonies! Peonies bloom from Spring into early Summer. Their bright, vibrant colors add a dash of color that makes a big difference.

3. Fresh Paint

Did you know that a gallon of paint covers 400 square feet? A fresh coat of paint for the front door, garage, or living room can make a difference. The color of your house will decide what you paint your garage door. For example, if your house is brick, a smoky gray or a rich chocolate brown will match well. Or, if your house is tan, brown garage doors stand out nicely! Painting your garage black or white for a gray house will also stand out.

4. Get Rid of Lake Weeds

If you live on a lake and are selling, this tip is essential to remember. Your lakefront matters as much as the front of your house. People who boat past your For Sale sign will say, “Look at all their lilypads. I would not want to live there.” And it’s true. Homebuyers looking at lake homes may think your home is beautiful from the front and inside, but if they see how many lake weeds and lilypads there are, this could have them running to the next house. Don’t let that be the reason they don’t put in an offer. Instead, pick up the phone and call Waterfront Restoration. Waterfront Restoration has been in business for over 20 years. Their SCUBA By-the-Root Lake Weed removal service is top-notch, and you will see instant results. Call 952-356-0614 to get rid of your lake weeds and prepare for multiple offers!

Waterfront Restoration employees in wet suits working at a lake home.