Top 10 Tips for Buying a Waterfront Property

These tips for buying a waterfront property can be a helpful checklist for you when you are ready to make a purchase. We, here at Waterfront Restoration, want to make sure that you can have the best lakefront and utilize it properly since-hey that is the best part of your property! We have also included solutions to the tips below that we recommend and can provide for you. 

1. Look for Weeds Washed Up on Shore

This can be a sign that there are floating weeds that will wash up on the shore, which can make it difficult to entertain guests and fully utilize the shoreline. It is hard, and gross, for people to enter your lake if they have to tip toe around the weeds.

Washed up Minnesota lake weeds

Our Solution:

We can help you with this problem by offering our Floating Weed Cleanup solution. We offer this as a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or a one time plan. We will come and rake your weeds and dispose of them. This will ensure that you can float, swim, and entertain with ease. 

2. Look at the Amount of  Lake Weeds

It is important to note how much weeds there are in the water. This is because if you want a lakefront that requires no effort, then you will need one with no weeds. We believe weeds are the root of all ruined summer days! This is because they make all the lake activities a stressful mess!

Minnesota Lake weeds

Our Solution:

If the property does have a lot of weed growth, we can fix that with our SCUBA-By-The-Root lake weed removal service. This means that our divers swim down and grab each weed by the root. This ensures an instant and long-lasting result.

3. Know if Invasive Species are a Problem in the Lake

This is important because it will inform you if you will be needing to take further action to make your lakefront an ideal and safe space. If, for example, there are zebra mussels, then you will need to take precaution to ensure that your guests and family do not cut their feet. 

Zebra mussel in minnesota lake with scuba diver

Our Solution:

If there is a known problem of Eurasian Watermilfoil, Curly-Leaf Pondweed, Coon-Tail Weed, or Zebra Mussels, we can help! We offer removal services for each of these invasive species.

4.  Notice if There is Muck

More like Yuck! Looking at the bottom of the lakefront is important. It can make or break if kids want to go swimming, or even if your boat lift will have hard surface so it doesn’t sink beneath the ground! This is not the end of the world, but a helpful tip.

Our Solution:

We can help stop a muck problem because we offer muck pellets you can purchase from us directly. We can either sell you the pellets themselves, or save you the trouble and apply them directly! 

5.  Ask Your Neighbors for Advice

This can be valuable tool because you can hear about the concerns of people who have a lakefront that is connected to yours. Getting advice and information from others is always a good idea! 

Our Solution:

Although we do not know exactly what your neighbors use to get rid of their weeds, you can always call us at (952) 356-0614 to find out if other people in your area are using our services. We bet they are!

6.  Know Permit Regulations

There are certain plants, such as lily pads and cattails, that you may want to remove. It is important to see if that is possible and if you will need a permit. A simple google search should allow for you to check this item off of the list. 

Lily pad removal in Minnesota lake

Our Solution:

If this is a problem for you and you don’t want to go through all the hassle of applying for permits, our services are the right fit for you! We will apply for any permits that are needed for your services.

7.  Notice What Direction the Wind Comes From

This is important because it can show you if floating weeds may be an issue in the lakefront. If there are strong winds that blow to the property, then you can bet the weeds be floating there as well.  The wind is also important because it may promote a nice breeze for your property. 

Our Solution:

This is important because it is how floating weeds travel. If you notice the wind is coming right for your shore, we can offer our Floating Weed Cleanup. This can help you get back on the water!

8.  Sun Set vs. Sun Rise View

This is important to look at because it affects how much sun the property will get. If the lakefront faces where the sun will set, then the weeds may grow faster because are exposed to more sun. More sun exposure can also result in more ware on your house. 

Sunset on Lake Minnetonka a Minnesota Lake

Our Solution:

If your property faces the sun set each night, then your weeds may be more likely to grow faster because the are in the sunlight longer. To fix this issue, we can remove the lake weeds! This will ensure that you can do your favorite lake activities with ease, and still get the view of your dreams.

9.  Look for a Sandy Beach if You Want One

This can be critical for some individuals if they feel it is a necessity. Sandy beaches can be awesome because they provide a fun area to play around in. Finding out if there is sand or if sand can even be an option may be an important factor to consider.

Minnesota lake house with beach

Our Solution:

If you have or are in love with a lakefront that does not have a sandy beach, we may be able to help. We also offer sand and place it where you want it. We can either just provide you with the sand, or we can install it as well!

10. Know the Amount of Lakeshore You Want

The amount of lakeshore is an important factor because you don’t want too little, or too much.  You must decide the size you want and need for your specific lifestyle. If you know you will always have big groups of guests coming over, then a larger size may be important. Or if you know you like just have a few friends over at a time, then a smaller one may be more fitting. There are many other factors that can go into choosing a size, but make sure it aligns with your lifestyle!

Our Solution:

We may not be able to change the amount of lakeshore you bought, but you can choose a customizable area you want our services applied to. If your lakefront is too small, we can extend size the of your area to reach deeper water, or if your lakeshore is too large, then we can apply a smaller size.

“life is short, buy the lakefront home” 

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