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Outsourced Solution for Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Prevention

Water is not only the cornerstone of our identity, it’s Minnesota’s greatest natural asset!

"Minnesota’s lakes, along with wild lands, state parks and trails, are main attractions that contribute to the State’s $12.5 billion annual sales from travel and tourism." 1

Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) threaten the beauty, safety and sustainability of our lakes and rivers. The spread of AIS is a growing challenge for our region, with serious potential consequences for our daily lives and the legacy we'll be able to leave behind for future generations.

The experienced team at Waterfront Restoration is ready to partner with you to protect Minnesota waters through expertise, education, prevention, inspection and management of AIS.

Not sure where to start?
Wondering if your efforts will be effective?
Concerned about maximizing your investment?

Waterfront Restoration can help. We’re committed to playing a role in tackling this state-wide issue. Our inspectors routinely prevent boaters from spreading the following AIS:

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  • 1 Launched in 2003, we’re locally owned and staffed by courteous, professional lake lovers
  • 2 We offer comprehensive, statewide waterfront management services. From SCUBA weed and debris removal to chemical-free maintenance, we’re all-around lake experts!
  • 3 We’re the most referred provider in the region, with hundreds of happy clients, including homeowners, local government units (LGUs), lake associations, tourism businesses and more
  • 4 We have the demonstrated ability to recruit, hire, manage and retain high-caliber staff
  • 5 We’re attentive to current laws and prioritize best practices
  • 6 We have a highly-collaborative, transparent and client-focused approach
  • 7 We offer truly customized solutions to fit any timeline, budget, or lakeshore ecosystem
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"The spread of invasive species harms ecosystems, disrupts economic activity and degrade the quality of recreation...Caring for the land, air and water that supports us and other living things is more urgent than ever, and we must be prepared to address the challenge. Now, more than ever, a positive future is in the hands of those who plan for it. The time to shape tomorrow is today.”

According to the MN Department of Natural Resources, Invasive Species 2016 Annual Report:

“Invasive species have serious economic, environmental and recreational impacts in Minnesota..."

"Invasive species management is complicated and costly, which is why preventing new infestations is critical." - Keegan Lund, invasive species specialist

"Invasive species are outpacing our capacity to respond.”


  • 1 Our watercraft inspection team can support you in your efforts to prevent the spread of AIS.
  • 2 We’ll staff your lake accesses with DNR trained watercraft inspectors who adhere to the latest laws and attend to the AIS risks specific to your area.
  • 3 We’ll manage everything–so you don’t have to. From recruiting, DNR training, weekly inspector scheduling, payroll, and HR management, to year-end reporting.
  • 4 We’ll make sure your AIS funding is well spent using our 15 point management process that ensures inspections and education are being done thoroughly and consistently, per protocols, throughout the season.
  • 5 We’ll prevent the future spread of AIS by assessing risks at your lake accesses and placing inspectors at the highest priority locations.

1 Source: DNR’s 10-Year Strategic Plan (2015-2025)

2  Note: Additional outsourced resources are needed to meet increasing demand: The DNR alone conducted 123,000 watercraft inspections for AIS in 2014. In 2016, they conducted more than 417,000. Source: MN Department of Natural Resources, Invasive Species 2016 Annual Report