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Get ahead of weed growth and invasive species with SCUBA by-the-root weed removal. An experienced team of divers roots out aquatic weeds one by one and dispose of them off-site where they are used as compost. They’ll skim off floating weeds, rake the shallows, and leave the whole space clean and ready to enjoy.

  • Get immediate results. Chemicals can take days to take hold, and cutting weeds only gets rid of most of the problem. You’ll be swimming in a clean, fresh lake within minutes of a Waterfront Restoration visit.
  • Get a longer-lasting clean. Weeds will be totally gone—and stay gone. Minor maintenance is all you’ll need with Waterfront Restoration!
  • Be kind to the environment—and safe for people and pets. You won’t have any down time waiting for chemicals to dissipate, and you won’t have to worry about residual effects of long-term chemical usage. Don’t you wish everyone on your lake used Waterfront Restoration?


  • Floating Weed Cleanup— We use nets and rakes to remove all the weeds from the surface of the lake. Since floating weeds can return quickly, we offer this service on-call, weekly, or biweekly, depending on your needs.
  • Dangerous Object Cleanup—Did you know that the average lakefront has four broken bottles, three rusty cans, and two sharp fallen branches lurking beneath the surface? Let us scour the bottom of the lake for garbage, rocks, and debris that are dangerous (and ugly) so you can fully and safely enjoy your new, weed-free lakeshore.
  • Zebra Mussel Removal—Invasive zebra mussels can attach to any hard surface—including docks, boats, and rocks—causing damage and clogging irrigation pipes. Their razor-sharp shells also make swimming and wading hazardous. We completely remove these invaders by prying them from underwater surfaces and disposing of them safely off-site.
  • Watercraft Inspections—DNR-certified inspectors will check for invasive species and decontaminate watercraft before they head out on the lake.
  • Overwhelmed by the time or chemicals it would take to tackle the mess yourself? We’ll assess your lakeshore and make a comprehensive treatment plan to get your property back in pristine shape.



“We live on a lake in the north metro and because of bad backs and time etc… could not keep up with raking and collecting lake weeds. I contacted Waterfront Restoration and I have been beyond pleased with their service. You can use them weekly, every other week or individual cleanups. Their crews are super hardworking, bag everything, and leave the shore pristine. They also are very professional about your instructions and complying with the DNR regulations. We went with regular visits and so signed a contract for the summer. Their invoices are easy to understand and break down labor and per bag costs. It’s made a huge difference for us this summer. Is it inexpensive? No. But it has been a lifesaver and again, I recommend them highly.

YELP Review

“We loved the work that your team did. After fighting with the chemical solution with very limited results, it was nice to see instant results – without having to pour chemicals in our bay. I have never been this weed-free in years.”

Dan M, Maxwell Bay, Lake Minnetonka

“I have tried other SCUBA companies in the past that provide a similar type of service. I will not stray again. Waterfront Restoration does the BEST job and their experience stands out in their quality, professionalism, and efficiency. I have no problem paying for high-quality service and Waterfront Restoration provides that for me. I will be recommending them to our neighbors.”

Dayna B, Saint Albans, Lake Minnetonka

Great service. Have tried other methods of weed control but none of them were as effective as having them pulled by you.”

Ryan S, Prior Lake

Since those first days, the team has been back every year making sure we have a beautifully clean beach area. We wouldn’t think of starting a summer of water activities without Waterfront Restoration’s schedule on our calendar! We and our grandchildren, ages 2 to 12, love jumping off the dock into completely weed-free water!!!!!!

Sue S, Lake Minnetonka

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We have a successful 20-year track record totaling 1900+ projects. We have a 98% satisfaction rate among our 500+ regular clients, and we would be happy to provide references.


In the winter season, our team specializes in offering Christmas Lighting services to residences and businesses across the 5-county Metro area through our separate division:  Jingle Bulbs Christmas Lighting.

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