Aqua Thruster: What You Need to Know About Lake Blowers

Here at Waterfront Restoration, we know that multiple strategies are sometimes needed to keep your lakefront pristine all season long. Of course, we primarily recommend by-the-root lake weed removal, as extracting these plants by the root allows for a long-lasting, environmentally friendly solution. However, when dealing with nuisances like floating weeds, aeration blowers can be an ideal fix. Considering coupling an aqua thruster with our by-the-root removal? Curious to know more about blowers? Read on!

What is a Lake Weed Blower?

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Lakefront property owners often face challenges in maintaining the health and cleanliness of their lake or pond. One of the biggest problems is the accumulation of algae, weeds, and other debris on the surface of the water. This build-up may cause unpleasant odors, reduce oxygen levels in the water, and even harm fish and other aquatic life. To combat these issues, lakeshore property owners can benefit from installing an aqua thruster.

Aeration blowers are motored devices that use water and air circulation to reduce the amount of debris that enters your lakefront. Blowers go by many names- aqua thrusters, underwater fans, hydrosweeps, weed blowers, etc. Skillfully positioned just below the water’s surface, blowers push floating weeds away from underwater. As a result, these quiet devices prevent a majority of such annoyances from reaching the shoreline. High-powered and extremely efficient, the most powerful blowers are able to clear areas up to 100ft away!  In addition, aeration blowers do not require a permit through the Minnesota DNR and possess a two year warranty.

Which Blower is best for my lakeshore?

That depends! Our experienced operations team will work with you to assess your lakefront’s unique needs. Blowers can be mounted or freestanding, and our clients most commonly choose to anchor these devices on docks and/or dock posts. Similarly, stationary and oscillating options are also available, with motor horsepower options typically ranging between 1/2, 3/4, 1, and 2- we most commonly recommend 1 HP!

Will an Aqua Thruster eliminate my muck problem?

The short answer is no. In Minnesota, there are regulations on muck removal. Because of the nature of aquatic life, the DNR regulates the lakes and public waters, including regulations on the removal of muck. Due to these regulations, blowers cannot cannot face the direction of muck, as this is considered dredging. There are penalties for disregarding regulations on dredging.

While blowers cannot directly aid in muck removal, they can help with the problem. One way muck is formed is by the decomposing of aquatic weeds at the bottom of lakes. By installing a blower at your lake property, the blower can help push away weeds that are falling to the bottom of your lakeshore and decomposing, thus forming muck. Ask a Waterfront Restoration representative about the benefits of a blower for your specific lake property.

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Can Waterfront Restoration help me with my Lake Blower?

Yes! Waterfront Restoration can order and install your blower. Similarly, we also offer weekly blower inspections/cleanups/repositioning. It is essential to check your blower weekly, as clogs prevent proper operation and can damage the device itself. Moreover, our check-in visits ensure that no debris has become caught in the blades and that the device is positioned appropriately. Check-ups can be performed by the homeowner or Waterfront Restoration, but we recommend scheduling through our team, as our teams can fix a majority of issues onsite without the delays associated with personal equipment management. “Installing blowers is a great way for us to provide our clients with an effective method of keeping their recreational swim and boat areas clean and easy to use,” operations specialist Gunnar says, “we love to get out and install blowers so clients can enjoy their waterfront property to the max each summer!”

Our account managers are available to discuss blower options with you today. Equally important as by-the-root removal services, blowers can be extremely beneficial for lake owners, protecting your shoreline from floating debris. Give us a call at (952) 356-0614 or visit us online to schedule a consultation for a blower today!