What you need to know about Lake Waconia

About the lake:

Lake Waconia is located in Carver County, Minnesota right off of county road 5. The lake is just a 4 minute drive from Crown College and right next to the Island View Golf Club.  Its size is 3,080 acres with its shore line spanning 10.8 miles. It is the second largest lake in the Twins Cities seven-county area and has an average depth around 20 feet with its deepest point being 37 feet. 

Lake Waconia satellite image

The word “waconia” derives from the Sioux language meaning “fountain” or “spring”. Visit Minnesota Geographical names to find out more about the origin of Lake Waconia.

How’s the fishing?

Lake Waconia is known for its walleye and muskellunge (or “muskie”) fishing. Anglers who fish for these species on Lake Waconia target the countless reefs that dot the main points of the lake. The lake is not only great for walleye and muskie fishing, but largemouth bass are also heavily fished here as well. In fact, the lake is home to many largemouth bass tours including the Greenhorn Bass tour, the Minnesota Bass tour, and the Big Bass Wanted tour.

For information regarding fishing regulations and boat launch accesses for Lake Waconia, please click here.

What is there to do?

One of the main attractions on Lake Waconia is the Lake Waconia Regional Park located on the southern shore. The park provides families with the opportunity to enjoy swimming, boating, volleyball, and much more. Some of its existing facilities include a small beach area, picnic shelters, volleyball courts, restrooms, and an event center. The Lake Waconia regional park is popular during the summer months. However, in the winter months, the park provides a sledding hill for families to enjoy. The park is open Sunday through Monday from  6 am. – 10 pm. Go check it out!

The Carver County Parks Department requires all vehicles to purchase and properly display a parking permit. Permits can be purchased at the park entrance, by phone, or online.

Lake Waconia Regional Park beach

Are there any events on the lake?

Events occur on Lake Waconia all throughout the year. The Waconia Wine Festival is one of the most popular events in the summer and this year the event will be held on July 26th through the 28th. The event consists of a variety of activities such as wine tasting, food, music, and more. Three award wineries (Parley Lake Winery, Schram Vineyard and Brewery, and The Winery at Sovereign Estate), all within a 5-mile radius, will be hosting the event which is all very well know wineries within the Carver County community. General admission is $5 per winery.